Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers are available on the market in two basic models, freestanding dispersers and the counter top dispensers. These bottled water dispensers are large and easy to use. They have push button faucets and removable drip trays for easy cleaning. Most of these dispensers have child resistant hot water faucet and come with a limited warranty.Freestanding bottle water dispensers are available in three varieties. The dispensers can be cold units, which can dispense only cold water; hot and cold units that can dispense both hot and cold water; and the latest variety of units that can dispense, hot water, cold water, water at room temperature.

They have separate faucets for each of these operations.Bottled water dispensers are an excellent choice for homeowners, who prefer to own and not rent a water dispenser. Currently available are also the terra cotta models, stone ware and mini coolers with hot and cold faucets. All the customer needs is to buy 5 gallon bottles or fill them up at home if a purifier is available. These dispensers are also available in the portable or counter top models.One major disadvantage with the bottled water dispenser is the maintenance.

In the event the water cooler is not in regular use, or during summer months when the temperatures are higher, the clear fresh taste of bottled water might be difficult to achieve. Proper care of the bottled water and of the dispensers has to be a priority.It is advised to store the full bottles at a constant temperature and, if possible, in a cool area.

This discourages the expansion and contraction of the bottles that can draw microscopic material into the bottles. This also helps in preventing the growth of algae. The person changing the bottle must wash the hands and wipe the top and neck of the new bottle with a clean sterile cloth.Bottled water dispensers must be cleaned at least once a month by removing the empty water bottle and adding 1 tablespoon of bleach to the water reservoir.

Add sufficient cold water from the tap to let the bleach fill the tubing between the reservoir and tap and let the bleach solution stand for 5-10 minutes. A small brush cloth or sponge can be used to clean the reservoir. Add several cups of fresh bottled water to flush out the bleach completely.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan

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