Planning a Football Party

When fall comes and football is in full force women around the country begin to use the phrase football widow. I can attest to a few Saturdays and Sundays where the TV in our home is going all day and my husband is glued to his favorite chair. After our first football season together where his team was 15-1, I decided to start hosting football parties. This way I can see my friends while he can watch the game. Here are some simple steps to making Saturday and Sunday as fun for the rest of the family as it is for the men. Pull the dinning room and kitchen table to the living room.

This way you can set up a buffet that is in the room where the TV is. By doing this you are not creating competition between the kitchen or dinning room and the living room. Then dig out the silver. I have found that this is a great venue to satisfy my desire to use my grandmothers silver while living a beer and chip life style. Use the punch bowl filled with ice to chill soda and beer. Use the serving trays for homemade hoagies and pesto pizza squares.

Then serve dessert on silver plates using the silverware for this one course. Prepare early. Have all the food cooked and served before the games begin. This way you can sit back and socialize while your guests are watching the game.

Serve all the food in a buffet style. Place plates and cups along side bottle openers and napkins. This allows guests can serve themselves. Keep a recycle bin and garbage bin close at hand so that your guests can find them without having to venture too far from the game. Then sit back and relax.

When you join in the fun by planning a party your family and friends will no longer use the dreaded phrase football widow. .

By: Shauna Hanus

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Planning a Football Party - When fall comes and football is in full force women around the country begin to use the phrase football widow.