Cake Decorating How To Get An Smooth Even Icing On Your Cake

Cake decorating takes years of schooling and practice to become a master. Once you have become a master and have made a name for yourself in the industry, the world is yours. If you have a creative nature, this is an asset in cake decorating.

When you envision the finished cake, you want it to be something worthy of a first class bakery. It is not as easy as frosting a cake and sprinkling candy gems on top. There are steps to follow to make the perfect cake. When you are making the cake, whether it is from scratch or store bought, be sure that you level the batter in the pan before putting it in the oven. Check the cake every twenty minutes and turn the pans if one side is higher then the other. If, when the cake is cooked and one side is still higher, use a bread knife and even it off.

This needs to be done when the cake is still warm. It is recommended that a cake be cooled for at least a day before you attempt to do any sort of cake decorating. While the outside may be cool to the touch, a cake can remain warm on the inside for hours after it comes out of the oven. If you try cake decorating while it is still warm, it will ruin the decorations. Once the cake has cooled overnight, you can create a base layer with icing.

It is a good idea to turn the cake upside down to avoid getting any crumbs on the knife and icing. Make sure that the icing is smooth and even. The frosting or icing is the most important part of the cake decorating. The frosting needs to be very stiff. You can always thin it out for other uses. Make large quantities of frosting because you will need it for the cake decorations.

Have plenty of food color to make different decorations. There is specific equipment that you will need when you start cake decorating. A pastry bag and tips are needed for the icing.

The tips are what create the different shapes. All of the tools that you will need can be found at your local cake supply or craft store. When you begin, choose the tip that you want to use and put it in the pastry bag.

Use the icing one-cup at a time. Put one cup of icing into a bowl and if necessary thin it out with one teaspoon of milk. Add one half teaspoon of milk until the icing is the consistency that you want. It should be thin enough to go through the tip of the pastry bag, but thick enough hold whatever shape you choose. For first time cake decorators, it is recommended that you practice making your shapes before you work on the actual cake.

When you are applying the icing, you need to hold the bag and apply steady pressure. This assures that the icing comes out in an even bead. Count to three and stop squeezing. When you stop squeezing, lift the tip of the pastry bag up quickly away from the decoration. If it is what you want, then move to the next one. If not, continue practicing.

If the shape is what you want, but does not hold together, then the icing is too thin. There is a specific list of equipment that you will need before you start your cake decorating. These can be found in any pastry supply or craft store.

Several pastry bags, along with the essential tips. A cake stand would be very helpful to lift the cake up closer to you. A sharp knife and a baking tray are also a must-have. Even the most seasoned professional cake decorator will tell you that cake decorating can be very frustrating. Anything can go wrong at any given time.

Patience is essential, as is attention to detail. Summary: Cake decorating is an art for that takes years to master. It is a combination of imagination and patience. It is necessary to have the proper equipment. With a little luck and imagination, you can create your own works of art.

Brooke Hayles
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