Caramel Apples That Are Good To The Core

Are you sick and tired of trying to make caramel apples with no success? Well, we were too. We decided that trying to determine the correct amount of butter and sugar to make caramel, simply was not worth the headache. We tried buying the caramel blocks and metling them, but that a was a failure too. Plus, it is difficult to try and figure out what type of chocolate to buy.Do you buy tempered or untempered?.

Do you buy dark or light?.The next issue was where do you buy apple sticks that are long enough so it's easy to eat your apple. After much anxiety and frustration, we gave up and decided to just purchase them from companies that specialize in gourmet caramel apples. We found several companies on the internet that offer delicious granny smith apples loaded with fresh nuts and layered with different types of chocolate that will make your taste buds go crazy. I order them for my friends, boss, and anyone that I want to create a good impression.

We get compliments frequently on selecting such a great gift idea, because it's a gift that everyone likes. We now have friends asking us when are we going to send them some more of those caramel apples, but rest assured Christmas is right around the corner and they will be getting more gourmet apples this year.Don't waste your money, paying $18.

95 for an apple, when you can go to several websites and buy caramel apples for less than $8.00. The apples are beautifully packaged and they even offer apple gift boxes that are wrapped with elegant gold bows that make great gifts for anyone.


I'm a working mom named Menzie Turner, a lover of caramel apples - especially the type with lots of chocolate and nuts. I frequently buy apples from http://www.richlandgourmetapples.


By: Menzie Turner

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