Chocolate Seashells Tips For Valentines Day

This year for valentines day, my steady got me a box full of chocolate seashells. I can't tell you how much I like those delicious spirals of confectionary delectation. They direct shake down my back just thinking about them. He got these chocolate seashells from Godiva chocolate which, in my oppinion, is possibly the best chocolate maker which has ever graced my mouth with its tender morsels of pure delectation.

Yum, how I love chocolate seashells. Besides the chocolate seashells, he got me roses, and took me out to the best romantic evening that you can imagine. First off, we went to this pin-up little Italian restaurant, and sat outside on a little alley terrace with the early evening sky showing through above, and a little wax light in a handbasket on the table. Then we went to a walking on the beach to ticker the sunset. It was one of those spectacular sunsets, all orange river and pinks and gilded. It filled the stallion sky with glowing.

I manducate on chocolate seashells as we contemplated the waves, held eachothers custody and osculate. The big surprise was the early evening sail. You might think this is strange timing for the cruise and that it might brand more sense just to ticker the sundown, but you'd be wrongfulness. Instead, we got to ticker the twilight darken into night, and the stars come up up up out amongst the dark of the waves and the darkening sky. We kissed nether a full moon and felt the air frill our hair. I'll tell you, there's nothing on ground like observance the dark wind rise - it beats sunrise custody down, no matter what you say.

At Length, we drove to an lovely bed and breakfast spot nearby the ocean and stayed, pampered, soaking till late in the eventide in the hot tub. The adjacent forenoon, the breakfast we had was delicious and adorable. Cute little crescent roll molded like starfish topped with delicious homemade marmelade and lash butter. The town it was quaint, and we got to walking about, watching james leonard farmer go about their daily modus operandi and looking at the little puffy clouds departure by.

We got to go boost on the trails, and to research the local tourist attractive force, which was fun if a little corny at times. And now I have the remainder of the weekend to savor with him. I'll tell you, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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