Different Types of Noni Juice Preparation

Morinda Citrifolia popularly called Noni is a less known fruit in the America's but very popular in south Asia and Polynesia. The Noni fruit is believed to have many medicinal properties over many centuries. It is one of the plants where every part of it is used for its medicinal claims. The Noni Juice is a common form available everywhere and it comes in many varieties the popular one is the soy sauce like dark thick fermented version. In places where it is more prevalent it is taken unfermented in sweet form.

This article takes a look at the many ways the juice is extracted and made available for consumption.The ripe fruits are more juicy and easy to extract than the un-ripe ones. The unripe fruits are thick skinned and highly durable. The ripe fruit is more sweeter and juicy and are consumed raw in many countries.

Like grapes that turn into wine, Noni turns into a fermented Noni Juice by careful preparation. To get 1 gallon juice you got to process almost 20 pounds of fruit. There are many ways the juice is extracted but the popular version is the hard press method.

The fruit along with pulp is allowed to ferment in special containers made for this purpose usually in plastic. The pH is maintained at optimum levels. The fermentation goes on for almost 2 months, this allows the juice to separate from the pulp and drip extraction is employed. The fermented juice gets its characteristic sour taste.

The Noni juice can come pasteurized or non-pasteurized.The other popular form the juice is available is the freshly squeezed unfermented sweeter version. Typically a hydraulic fruit press is employed to extract the juice from the pulp.

The pulp and seeds are typically employed to prepare Noni Products. The fresh juice has a golden color and may be further diluted and sweetened by bottlers. The Noni juice is a refreshing delight in south Asian countries. People call it in totally different names in different countries hence you may not know which is the famed Noni.

Unlike other fruits the juice yield is much high. The Noni fruit juice figures in the shopping aisles with alterations usually with raspberry, or grape flavor. The other form the juice is available is in the form of powder and it is added in many preparations.

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By: Vinodh Pushparaj

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