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Unless you're living in a warm climate it's really hard to get good fruit all year round. If you're out in the frost district you pretty much have to depend in imports and by the time it gets to you you're pretty much eating stuff that you wouldn't give to your worst enemy. That's why people who can get really good fruit should be very thankful for it, not only because of how good it tastes but because of how good it is for you.

Nutritionists say that most people do not get enough fresh fruit in their diet. If they did they wouldn't have all the health problems that they have. Still there are some of us who know the benefit of good fruit and get it whenever they can.

Because all fruits are not available all year round, unless you are in an ideal climate, you have to pick your fruits pretty carefully. There are fruits that are pretty good most of the year even if it has to be imported from other places.Bananas are a perfect example of a fruit that you can pretty much get year round. Because they are picked when they're green, by the time they get to the supermarket or local fruit stand, they're still not too ripe. Some bananas are even still green by the time they get to your store and need a day or two before you'll want to eat them, even though green bananas will not hurt you in spite of what most people think.

Plus, bananas are really convenient. You don't have to wash them and you can just pop one in your handbag or lunch box and when you're ready to eat it, just peal and enjoy.Apples on the other hand are not so convenient and not as easy to eat. For one thing they do have to be washed since most people eat the skin of an apple. Then, unless you've got really strong teeth, you're probably going to want to cut the apple up into slices. Eating a whole apple, especially one that's very crisp, takes a good set of choppers.

Also, apples in the winter time are not very good. Many are soft and soggy and don't taste very good.If you want a fruit that you can throw into a little baggy and take with you there's always grapes. Grapes are really good for snacks.

They're small easy to eat. Of course it's really easy to lose track of how many of these you've eaten and they can sneak up on you really fast. Just make sure you have a bathroom close by if you go overboard on these.Strawberries are a little harder to go nuts on because they're substantially bigger than grapes. If you ate as many strawberries as you did grapes you'd probably end up pretty sick.

And a good thing about strawberries is that they go great with cream, either whipped, sweat or heavy. And nothing beats a good piece of strawberry shortcake.Which of course brings up the use of fruit in and as desserts. Blueberry, cherry, peach and apple pies are just a few of the many examples of fruits found in very yummy desserts.Fruit is good for you, it tastes good and you should get plenty of it in your diet.

Your body will thank you for it.

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