Health Dangers of Modern Food Production

The commercial food we now consume is grown in soil that has been seriously depleted of its minerals because of continuous farming without crop rotation or rest. In addition, there is a total dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow produce. Depending on the soils they are grown on, there can be a significant difference between commercially grown and organically grown vegetables. One study concluded that organically grown foods were richer in minerals than commercially grown products. By comparison, there was 87% less content of magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and copper in conventionally grown foods.

It is now a proven fact that when soil is made healthy with organic humus and natural minerals, plants become healthier and more pest-resistant.They do not contain "weakness attractors" for pests.Even though we may be eating adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables, if they are not grown organically, or if they have been irradiated,our bodies are not receiving the nutrition required to build and maintain health.

We are consuming incomplete nutrition because the food lacks the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes necessary to maintain life and build vitality. Food Processing The following food preparation processes are listed in order of nutritive value, from best to worst: * Raw * Juiced, and consumed immediately after preparation * Dehydrated, or dried, without chemicals or additives (2-5% loss of nutritive value) * Frozen (5-15% loss) * Lightly steamed, so that the vegetable is still a little crunchy (15-40% loss) * Cooked (40-100% loss, depending of length of time cooked) * Leftovers * Microwaved (90-99% loss) * Commercially canned * Fried, and deep fried * Processed foods with additives (contain toxins and have zero nutrient value) Food industries process food so that it can be sold to consumers. In our fast-paced world, we have been conditioned to expect food that is conveniently packaged, easy and quick to prepare, has a long shelf life, and tastes good. Tantalizing taste is now the main criterion for choosing food. Food loses its nutrient value when it is processed.

For example, refined white flour contains only two or three nutrients, compared to more than fifty in whole-wheat flour. Whenever food is heated to temperatures in excess of 112 degrees fahrenheit (44 degrees celsius), most of the natural enzymes in it are destroyed. Original, living, natural food becomes more or less unnatural dead food, lacking life force energy. Enzymes contained in raw food function as catalysts to assist with the digestive process and with other functions in our bodies. Without live enzymes in food, our bodies must manufacture them from vitamins and minerals in our own tissues to be able to digest the nutrient-deficient processed foods we eat.

Whenever we prepare foods by canning or overcooking, we are killing the live enzymes. When we consume these foods, we are depleting our body's nutrient reserves.

Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, is the author of "Conscious Health - Choosing Natural Solutions for Optimum Health and Lifelong Vitality." Conscious Health takes the mystery out of how the body operates and how health problems can be reversed. To learn more visit:

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