Not Art but Technology of Making Coffee

From the time of coffee being introduced to mankind, this brew and its makers have made its way to the heart of human society. The oldest found coffee maker is the Turkish Ibrik which is a long handled copper container and a deep protruding mouth. The Ibrik makes a very brew as it does not have any option of filtering.

Even now it is in used in many places of Middle East. The passionate coffee lover's world over who like to have their coffee as a drink rather than in food has various options of coffee makers to choose from. The most widely used coffee makers are the percolator of the drip model.

This coffee maker is driven by electric coils which are fixed at the bottom of the maker. We will just need to add water to the coffee powder in the glass pot of the coffee maker, and it is done. This is the basic model which is used world over. But there are coffee makers available which have advanced features and various mechanical controls in it.

Coffee makers with Laser screens , timer, temperature control and several other features have been introduced in the market and are a rage these days. You can even buy a single cup coffee brewer. There are even thermostatic controls or auto shut off for those forgetful ones. The degree of brewing is also controlled mechanically by the controls on the coffee maker. The advanced feature of automatic switch off stops the water from dripping into the pot. But before these features were introduced in the coffee makers the water used to keep on dripping till the end.

The LCD displays not only offers convenience to the user but also adds an extra charm to the maker. Previously it took a lot of time to clean up the coffee maker after being used. But nowadays even cleaning is a piece of cake with use of filter papers. The pods are small paper cups through which the water flows and hence get filtered. After it is done, we can just take it out and dispose it off, no need to wash. It is a very good utility device for the ever busy coffee drinkers.

Different kinds of filters are easily available for the coffee drinkers and filtration is essential for city drinkers. Some of them may be expensive but nothing compares to a deeply satisfying coffee experience. It is said that an integrated bean grinder also comes with the coffee maker. But it should be used separately to make easier cleaning.

But it seems that too much of mechanism sometimes hampers the authenticity of the coffee. Thus sometimes it proves to be better to keep it old fashioned.

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