Over A Cup Of Coffee

I was 15 when I had my 1st cup of coffee and it was a time I will never forget. I was not quite an adult and not quite a child either, so this day was special. My grandma poured the coffee into a big mug and showed me that lifes pleasures are sometimes simple.

I have to admit the taste of plain black coffee was not that great, but the acknowledgment to manhood was worth the bitter taste. She showed me the way sugar takes the edge off the taste, and how too much sugar ruined the flavor all together. She also explained that milk & cream were not the same and that creamer was actually smoother than milk. The days to follow found me experimenting with other coffee ideas. I added whip cream and chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate syrup to give it a chocolate mocha taste. That was just the beginning of my coffee passion.

I traveled to Chicago, Illinois and had the greatest tasting cup of coffee at a local diner. I inquired as to the brand of coffee I was drinking and to my surprise it was Folgers. What made this coffee so great? It might have been the victory the Cubs had over the St.Louis Cardnals that day.

On a cold March morning I warmed myself up to a cup of French Roast. The thing that made this coffee so great was on this particular day my son was born and I look forward to his first cup of coffee with me. Hopefully I remember all that Grandma said to me, so that day will be special for him.

It was in Luling, Texas that I remember the freshest coffee I ever had. What made this particular cup so special? I bought my first house and was able to sit on my back pourch and watch the sunrise for the 1st time. As I sit there and reflect on my life it amazes me at what can take place over a cup of coffee. .

By: Don McKay

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