The Sweet News That All Chocolate Lovers Have Been Waiting To Hear

Chocolate is finally getting the recognition many think it deserves. It has been proven in scientific studies to contain antioxidants, which are good for you. This is very exciting news to the millions of chocolate lovers around the world. What better news to receive than for a prescription to eat a sweet treat once in awhile. Antioxidants are similarly those found in wine and tea.

These antioxidants help to inhibit or prevent heart disease in some people. The amount is small compared to some foods however even a small amount in any food will be helpful in your quest for good health. The most effective way to get the health benefits of chocolate is to consume the least processed type of chocolate.

Dark chocolate has been shown to contain the highest amount of these health benefits. By the lack of deep processing dark chocolate has maintained its antioxidants ad therefore their benefits. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration is recommending a very small amount of chocolate daily however to get the most benefit stick to the dark chocolate. Many people are pleased with this prescription for better health, as most people have a love for chocolate. So the next time you are at the store feels free to buy that dark chocolate candy bar. Just make sure you do not sit down and eat the whole bar.

Try to take one bite of a regular size candy bar and savor the taste and flavor on your tongue. After all the recommendations are clear and who doesn't want to try and prevent or inhibit the like hood of developing heart disease? Another way to get the health benefits of chocolate into your diet is to slip some bittersweet chocolate into some of the things you make. For instance pudding is an excellent snack.

Pudding has milk in it and adds the chocolate and you have a quick and easy healthy snack. Although many people probably do not need any instruction into eating more chocolate. To chocolate lovers it comes natural. There is more testing in the planning for the health community to try and find more healthy uses for chocolate. In the meantime try to eat a well balanced diet and consume chocolate, preferably dark, in small doses and with moderation.

Eating chocolate as a health food may seem a little off the wall, however if done in moderation there is no reason why you cannot eat your chocolate and reap the healthy benefits also. There is a recommended age of this finding be geared towards adults although allowing children a sweet indulgence can be very rewarding otherwise. Chocolate lovers of the world can now delight knowing that our secret prayers have been answered.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as Chocolate Candy Gifts at

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