Wine Country Corporate Events

There are many wines touring services that combine industry knowledge and local expertise to help satisfy all your travel, incentive program and meeting needs in the Wine Country. These services know the Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley regions inside out, and are capable of revealing its various secret charms to you, whether you are visiting for a day, a week, or longer. Once these services are apprized of your wishes, time, needs and budget, their main goal is to strive towards creating that perfect off-site program or corporate event in the Wine Country. Touring services can be of great help when it comes to booking the ideal lodging, transportation, activities, and restaurants for you and your group. For most touring services, it is the main aim of the staff to make sure that the event or program that is designed for you will surpass all expectations, and will meet your specific needs.

With this aim in mind, tourists are cordially invited to visit Wine Country to ensure that the fun events and unique venues are suitable for you and your group. In some cases, corporate experts will guide you to restaurants, hotels, and wineries that are just perfect for you and your group. Corporate events would involve the following: . Group Tours: From Wine Tours to Historic Tours to Architectural Tours to Garden Tours and even Art Tours, there are different types of group tours.

From providing limo buses to limousines to coaches, transportation is taken care of right from the start. An experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will also be included in some of these packages. In addition, a typical tour would also involve going to ancient sites and visiting the first few wineries in the area. If your group is interested in viewing fine buildings, the tour will take you to different wineries known for their remarkable architecture. Garden lovers will have a field day because of the beautiful gardens and vineyards that they will get to see.

. Team Building Events: Team building events in Wine Country will give you the opportunity to work alongside your colleagues, and chances are you will be rewarded with excellent wine whether or not you win. From honing your communication, to decision making, to planning, to teamwork skills, these tours will help you all work together to solve a challenge. It could be anything, from blending the wine, taking the grapes to the crusher, stomping grapes, building a chateau, to even participating in a scavenger hunt. . Winery Lunches and Dinners: What could be more exciting than having your lunch or dinner at the same winery where the wine was made, and the food is chosen carefully to match the wine? From a scrumptious four-course meal in a small wine cave, to a lunch box at the pastoral vineyard, you get the chance to choose an ideal winery for your special Wine Country lunch or dinner.

. Wine Seminars: If you are on the look out for a more intense and informative Wine Country experience, then there are tour services that can arrange for barrel tasting, food and wine pairing, wine blending, and a sensory seminar. . Culinary Delights: Being the food and wine capital of America, Wine Country tours can help you enjoy the art of cooking by allowing you to prepare meals and selecting wines to accompany them. . Sports Events: Its diverse weather and incomparable topography make Wine Country the best location for you to try your hand at various sporting activities like hot air ballooning, golf, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and bicycling.

For the adventure sport lovers, helicopter tours are scheduled, and formula racecar driving is performed. To make sure that you and your group gets off to a hassle-free start right from the airport, most wine touring services provide experienced professionals to meet you and your group at baggage claim, and escort you from there to the waiting vehicle. Sometimes porters are also included as part of the package.

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