Your Table Matched or Mistake

Presentation, presentation, presentation!.You can prepare the most appetizing food and then ruin it by poor presentation. How many people have seen the commercial for the Kohler sink? The woman is dressed to the nines with fabulous food for her guests and is serving it on paper plates with plastic forks because she doesn't want to get the new sink dirty. Contrary to what some experts may say, there is a time and place for plastic/paper.

a picnic.casual buffet dining.a BBQ. I have to admit that even for a picnic I have a matching set of picnicware (not paper), however.Practice makes perfect.

Incorporate a matched, properly set table into your daily routine. I am not suggesting that for a family dinner that you break out the heirloom china and silver. I am suggesting that you always set a matched table even if you are using your daily corelleware. I know some of you may be shocked by this, but it doesn't take any longer to put out 4 matching forks than it does 4 mismatched ones.

In fact, why do you even have mismatched silverware in the drawer in the first place? Get rid of it! You can get a decent set of daily silverware even if you are on a budget. The same goes with glassware, plates, bowls and even serving pieces. And please don't tell me you don't need serving dishes because you are serving from the pan. If you don't have anything that matches and are on a budget, start replacing one set of items each month until you have completed everything.

So now, I have taken the challenge in setting a table out of the equation.just open the cupboards and set the table. Everything matches! I am not suggesting for one minute that your chopsticks should match your dishes like mine (ok maybe I am) but start with the basics and work your way up.For complete details and drawings on table settings for different occasions, we recommend a visit to Scrumptious Appetizers & More.

We recommend you read our other e-zine articles on entertaining and in the meantime, take an inventory of your kitchen/dining items and see what you are missing. You will wow your friends at your next dinner party if you just practice in advance.

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By: Indra Books

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